June 14, 2017

I don’t know many people with time to spare on bathing. That is not to say that everyone I know is dirty. They just choose a shower over a bath. Today may be the day to mix that up. It’s National Bath Day!

Bathing dates back for quite some time. I believe that even the ancient Greeks enjoyed a trip to the local bathhouse now and then. While the people of old may have had a bath available to them, most didn’t feel the need to bathe every day. In this way, we and the Greeks are quite alike.

The difference is that we don’t bathe every day but most people shower every day. The old Greeks just went greasy. There are many benefits of the modern shower. Though many showers are an additional feature on a bath tub, a standalone shower saves square footage in the home. Furthermore, any shower of reasonable length uses far less water than a bath. You also likely come out cleaner, having not sat in a hot stew composed of your daily grime. And perhaps most importantly, showering saves time.

Despite all the upsides of the shower, a nice long bath still has upsides. A shower can be relaxing but not in the way that a hot bath can. A bath already has the water so you don’t need to feel guilty about taking your time. For many people, there is no better thing to help wind down at the end of a long day.

If you can ever find it in yourself to set some time aside for a bath, make it today.



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