August 9, 2017

Books have been around for quite some time but not forever. Today is a day for those who just cannot get enough of the things. If you love turning pages and smelling ink, old or new, then today is for you. It’s National Book Lovers Day!

Long before the first book was even conceptualized, people shared stories with their voices. We all come from long traditions of telling stories, some true, some fantastical. Eventually someone dreamt up a better way of sharing stories.

Books were not always so accessible as they are now. When books were a new thing they had to be copied by hand. I would never want that job. Even if a person were to acquire an old book they would likely be unable to read it due to illiteracy. Only those with money had the spare time to learn to read or the wealth to buy one.

These days books are an accessible form of entertainment or education that almost anyone can enjoy. Most places even have public libraries where you needn’t have any money to enjoy a wealth of literature.

I won’t pretend to have any great love of books. This is likely due to me being spoiled by an overabundance of visual and audible stimulation in my life. Though I don’t have any particular love for books, I do enjoy them.

As of late, I’ve been trying to enjoy more literature. There are so many reasons to pick up a book, picking just one might be the hardest part.

Whether you love books or have merely a passing affection for them, today is a day to read.

Happy National Book Lovers Day!



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