July 17, 2017

The written word is always evolving. For a very long time, only the wealthy had the time and money for education. This meant that reading and writing were only for the elite. Times have changed. Now the biggest simpleton can read and write as much as they care to, as evidenced by the popularity of emojis.

I’m no fan of this new means of communication. Before they were emojis they were called emoticons. This was a combination of the words emotion and icon. They were little faces that one could make with text. The intention was to display emotion, something often lost in text communications.

Emoji is actually a Japanese phrase that basically mean ‘picture word.’ The man who originally developed emojis did so for pagers. The cute little face images were an included feature on some Japanese pagers in the 90s.

When Apple released the original iPhone, they included emojis as a feature to help capture a Japanese audience. When U.S. users discovered the feature it became incredibly popular. They’re so popular today that they’re even getting their own feature film.

I don’t like to use emojis. I can’t really explain why. They just seem silly to me. If there is one thing I am not, it’s silly. Despite my feelings on them, today is a day to celebrate emojis. It’s World Emoji Day!



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