September 12, 2017

Many days, it is hard to find a few moments to treat yourself to a little leisure. I believe that even on the busiest of days, everyone could use little break to kick their feet up and have some fun. My recommendation? Take a seat in front of the tube and grab your joystick. it’s National Video Games Day!

Video games have been around for longer that I even knew. Some of the first games can be dated all the way back to the 50’s, well before the advent of the home console with the ATARI 2600.

A gentleman supposedly designed a tic-tac-toe video game for a computer in 1952. Computers in 1952 didn’t even resemble the desktops we use today. Despite the archaic tech of the time, some folks must have become the precursors to modern gamers more than 60 years ago. That’s nuts.

Today, gaming has become a different beast altogether. No longer are video games just cute little activities to entertain you for a few minutes. Many games now encourage players to spend hours a day on the sticks. They also often incentivize returning to play on the daily.

While these qualities can lead some individuals to wasting their days on gaming, others have found a way to make a living of it.

When I was young, it was common to go to your buddy’s house and watch him play games. One could only hope to get a turn at it sometime. One would think that watching someone else game isn’t as fun as playing the game but one may be wrong.

Enter streaming. Equipped with loads of games and a high speed connection, people from all over the world are now making loads of money just playing games while the people of the internet watch. It’s amazing that such a cottage industry could ever exist but there are plenty of ‘self-employed’ game playing entertainers all across the internet today. Some have literally made millions just playing video games.

Why didn’t I think of that?!

Happy National Video Games Day!



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