April 20, 2017

Japan is no stranger to crisis but not since Fukushima have they dealt with something so dire as they face now; a spud shortage. Bad potato crops have happened before, such a famine was the catalyst that brought many Irish people to America. This crisis, though, is really hitting Japan where it hurts; in the chip aisle.

A pretty bad potato harvest has led to a serious spud shortage and I bet it sucks. Some of the nation’s most prolific chip producers have stopped making chips for now. It’s just not affordable for them. This has resulted in nearly empty chip aisles at grocery stores across the country. I have no particular love of chips but I bet that, in their absence, I would miss them.┬áLike Joni Mitchell once said, “you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone.”

Though many people have vented frustrations by posting pictures of empty chip aisles online, there are some places where bags can still be found. If someone is lucky enough to find some chips, they’re likely pay a ridiculous amount for them. Reportedly, some bags cost as much as $14 these days. That’s a steep price to pay for all the more potato that you find in a bag.

What I wonder is, how has this affected the demand for french onion dip? I hypothesize that without chips to dip, chip-related products are probably cheaper than ever. Time to stock up.



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