July 9, 2018

Water fish, foot shoes, travel cars, and sugar cookies. All of those are fairly redundant yet only one of them is getting celebrated today. It’s National Sugar Cookie Day! Woohoo!

It’s a strange name for a tasty treat. As far as I know, pretty much all cookies are made with sugar. Perhaps it’s because you don’t need much more than sugar to make these delicious morsels that we call them sugar cookies.

Regardless of why we call them what we do, they are stunning simple to make and their super sweet too. All you need is a little flour, butter, eggs, vanilla, baking soda or powder, and (of course) sugar. I guess that a lot of people find fun in making sugar cookies. They make take delight in the baking process or decorating the little suckers. I’ve never bothered to bake or decorate a batch of sugar cookies but I sure do like eating them, particularly with milk.

Whether you enjoy baking, decorating, or just eating cookies, today is a day of opportunity. You likely already have everything that you need to whip up some sugar cookies right there in your kitchen. Preheat the oven and get mixing and you too can enjoy a fresh batch of sugar cookies on their day.

Happy National Sugar Cookie Day!



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