January 12, 2018

It wasn’t long ago that I wrote a blog to gripe about how cold it had been. We were in the midst of a deep freeze and my nerves just couldn’t take it. Today we are blessed with a freakish 65 degree day in January. This is just what I’ve needed.

It feels as though it has been years since I last set foot outside in just a T-shirt. Today, even before sunlight, a light shirt was all I needed. It is unfortunate that this heatwave must end.

Though the temperature is high, today is marred by an unfortunate covering of clouds. Everything is grey as far as the eye can see.┬áIt may not be quite nice enough for slip n’ slides and flip-flops but it is definitely warm enough for grilling.

Be warned, as soon as the sun dips below the horizon we’re in for a very quick cooling off. That will be followed by loads of precipitation, both wet and cold. I think it best to get out and enjoy the warmth while it lasts. So gather some friends and/or family and fire up the grill. Just be sure the picnic is over before sundown.



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